The Legendary Munster Coach Replica

The Munster Coach is owned by Arnold and Karen Robins of Wainfleet.

They spent 18 months building the car with gothic features, replicating the original built by genius car fabricator George Barris, who also built the Batmobile for the 1960’s Batman show, the jalopy driven by the Beverly Hillbillies on the show of the same name, and other famous cars.

LaurCoat Inc. was asked to help with the coating of a number of parts for the Coach project.  Powder coat was the ideal fit for the project as it provided a durable low maintenance solution for certain components of the coach.  It was a pleasure working through the project with Arnold and Karen.

The couple had the compliment of a lifetime the summer of 2015 when no other than Barris himself signed their car and gave it a thumbs up at a show, shortly before his death in November.

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