It is our goal at LaurCoat Inc. to have a commitment to customer service and to consistently perform and deliver value-added services to our customers with the highest level of quality.

Shipping /Receiving 

LaurCoat Inc. is conveniently located off the QEW at 8591 Earl Thomas Avenue, Niagara Falls in the Stanley Avenue Business Park. The facility boasts four loading docks with automatic leveling ramps and ground level access for quick and efficient loading and offloading of smaller vehicles. The large parking lot can accommodate all sizes of shipping vehicles and allows for easy side loading for larger items. Our facility is gated, and security camera monitored 24 hours per day.

Pre-Paint Part Inspection & Hanging

All parts are inventoried and inspected before loading and processing. Services are available for pre-paint part inspection such as proper weld location, spatter removal and part integrity before painting. Quality is always held with high regard at LaurCoat Inc.  All parts are loaded in the most efficient way to decrease the cost per unit to the customer.  The part is then coated to the highest standard possible. A variety of racking and tooling enables LaurCoat Inc. to process large heavy parts, odd shaped parts and small parts at maximum density decreasing turnaround times and cost.

Media blasting: 

In addition to powder coating applications LaurCoat Inc. can also provide blasting services to its customers. Our blasting facilities offer  a controlled environment allowing for ‘under one roof processing’.  The facility dimensions can process 46’L X 40’W X 18’ H.  A number of different medias enables LaurCoat Inc. to offer a variety of profiles for many different gauges and types of steel. LaurCoat Inc. is committed to ensuring that the customers’ expectations are always met or exceeded.

Chemical pre-treatment: 

LaurCoat Inc. takes the process of pre-treatment seriously. Every part undergoes a series of pre-treatment steps before coating to ensure that the substrate is properly cleaned and sealed. LaurCoat Inc. has the ability to treat each and every item processed in the same manner. For example, parts that are 30’ long and 5000 lbs. undergo the same pre-treatment as a part that is 2” long weighing ¼ lb. LaurCoat Inc. offers solvent cleaning and phosphate conversion coatings that promotes coating adherence.

Powder application Booths:

LaurCoat Inc. utilizes two powder application booths that are able to accommodate products that are up to 30’L X 12’W X 10’H. Multiple state-of-the-art electrostatic powder application guns enable the operators to apply many different types of powders and colours for many different types of projects during regular production.

Cure Ovens: 

LaurCoat Inc. utilizes two large cure ovens that are able to accommodate products up to 30’L X 12’W X 10’H. Efficient and new, these ovens allow for accurate and controlled heat to the parts. At the same time, it still provides a clean environment for the parts to undergo the ever so important cure stage of the coating process.

Inspection & Packaging

The process of final inspection and product packaging is integral to the LaurCoat process. All parts are inspected and qualified for coverage, coating thickness, cure and appearance. If a specified standard must be met all requirements are recorded and reports provided upon request. If requested, parts can be protected and packaged for shipping. Custom packaging such as box building, crating, labeling and kitting is available.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery is available. LaurCoat Inc. has many different options for the customer.

Consulting Services

Management has over 20 years of experience in powder coating and operation of multiple systems.  We have the ability to look at each phase of your finishing operation as part of a complete system. We consider equipment, powder, and pre-treatment chemicals in terms of what fits best with your part configurations, your quality requirements, and your production demands.  If we cannot solve your problem then we will direct you to someone who can.