Unparalleled Quality

Quality Policy

As a Quality conscious organization LaurCoat Inc. shall operate to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and quality of service. These objectives will be implemented and carried out by: 

  • complying with customer standards
  • optimizing resources and reducing waste
  • development of facilities and training of personnel
  • ensuring cost-effective jobs, services and delivering it right the first time

We shall meet our aims by:  

  • understanding and meeting the aspirations of our customers, employer and employees
  • working together to meet these requirements
  • investigating the latest technology and equipment
  • monitoring and measuring our activities
  • continually improving our processes and services
  • taking individual responsibility for our actions


  • The Management of LaurCoat Inc. has over 20 years of experience in powder coating and industrial processes.
  • Staff at LaurCoat Inc. has over 20 years of experience with pre-treatment and the application of powder coatings.
  • Experience servicing OEM companies and local manufacturers.
  • Experience in the implementation of large and small projects and working with the customer to service their primary requirements.
  • Pre-treatment expertise to increase product quality.
  • Technical experience in coating testing, applications and problem solving.

Testing and Sampling

LaurCoat Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding the customers’ expectations by continually exploring new technologies and methods. With testing and sampling routines the customer can rest assured that standards are being followed and maintained throughout the coating procedure.

Proof Plate Coating Services

LaurCoat Inc. offers its customers the option to utilize Proof Plates for process and quality assurance.

Proof plates can be utilized for:

  • Adhesion checks
  • Cure checks
  • Production test/sample records
  • Colour matching
  • Sales and promotion