Products & Technologies

LaurCoat Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding the customers’ expectations by suppling quality products from industry leading suppliers.  Strong partnerships with the world’s largest powder suppliers ensures that LaurCoat Inc. using the industries standard for performance powder coating coatings.

Choosing the right technology for the right application


Epoxy coatings are the technology of choice for high performance applications. Combining outstanding salt spray resistance and excellent chemical performance with exceptional film hardness, epoxy coatings are often selected for functional or corrosion inhibiting applications such as industrial equipment, under-hood automotive, pipe coatings, or primers. They are not UV stable and must be top coated if used outside.

Polyester / Epoxy Hybrid

Polyester/epoxy hybrid is an interior grade powder coating.  It is a blend of epoxy and polyester resins. Hybrid powder coatings provide the benefit of both technologies with exceptional electrostatic spray characteristics that improve penetration into corners and recessed areas. However, they are not UV stable and are used for interior applications only.


Polyurethane is an exterior grade powder coating that has superior resistance to chemicals and excellent weatherability. Urethanes are an excellent choice for finishing agricultural equipment, outdoor furniture and automotive components.


Polyester is an exterior grade powder coating that has excellent colour and gloss retention, excellent over bake stability, and superior mechanical properties.  Polyester coatings are popular when prolonged periods of outdoor exposure and durability are required. These coating are widely used in ornamental fencing and heavy equipment industries.

Colours/Custom Colour Matching 

Find your colour!  It is important to find what you want.  

LaurCoat Inc. offers a wide range of different colour options.  With 200 stock colours and 6 different powder suppliers the possibilities are endless. LaurCoat Inc. also offers custom colour matching for that special project.

Supplier Colour Charts