What we do

LaurCoat Inc. is a full service powder coating and industrial sandblasting facility that has provided high quality service and workmanship to commercial, private, marine, architectural and industrial clients at reasonable prices since 2010.

If you are looking for quality media blasting and powder coating services, look no further. LaurCoat Inc. has the ability to handle both large and small scale parts and accommodate whatever volumes you may have.  As a team of professionals LaurCoat Inc. takes pride in the work that is delivered with attention to detail at every step of the powder coating process.

About Powder Coating

The service that LaurCoat Inc. provides is industrial and custom powder coating. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that provides a durable protective coating for metal and aluminum that is superior to traditional coatings. Further, it provides aesthetically pleasing textures and colours. Powder coatings are thicker and impervious to impact and help prevent corrosion, reducing the need for repeat product maintenance.

Strong Customer Partnerships

LaurCoat Inc. continually works to improve manufacturing by working with its customers to improve the manufacturing process.  With a focus on:

  • decreasing rejects
  • increasing quality
  • decreasing inventory
  • improving logistics
  • pre-treatment answers
  • blasting solutions
  • final inspection
  • coating testing
  • masking services
  • labeling and packaging