John Mytroen’s 1928 Chevrolet Truck Restoration

In southern Saskatchewan when a vehicle is replaced it is often just moved to the back of the farm yard and sits there for years. That was the case for this 1928 Chevy truck which the current owner John Mytroen saw sitting in his family’s yard for his entire childhood.

In 2010 the truck was shipped back to Ontario and within weeks the tear down was started. On the first day, the cab and box were removed and within five  days it was down to the bare chassis. The western climate had preserved the chassis very well and after sand blasting and powder coating it looked factory fresh.

Everything from the engine to the differential was torn down and rebuilt with new bearings, bushings and any other parts required. White Ash was used to duplicate every piece of wood and it was stained golden oak and finished with marine varnish to withstand moisture. 

The powder coating worked so well on the chassis that everything except the black fenders were powder coated. The finish of the powder coating including the green body panels were coated heavier than normal to provide an orange peel look to replicate a texture of a 1928 paint job.  The result and final result is outstanding! 

Over the next few years assembly was completed and final touches were done in the spring of 2017. The old ’28 Chev was finally certified and licensed and participated in numerous shows in the Niagara area in the summer of 2017.

It's a tribute to the grandfather who bought the new 1928 Chevy to have it back on the road and in such good condition again. Hopefully it will be around for many years to come.

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